Dear Patients and Friends,

Retirement time has arrived. I am no longer scheduling office visits and my office is officially closed.

I am able to continue seeing a select group of former patients and friends, possibly until the end of 2023. Those of you who are elibile
have received a personal communication. You can still reach me at:

I have turned over my equipment and patient records to my colleague, Dr. Felicia Lew, O.D. You might consider scheduling your next
appointment with her.  (Required disclaimer: Dr. Lew and I have no business relationship going forward.) She will be able to provide you
with quality eye care and some additional important special services which include:

Please see Dr. Lew’s information below.

Should you need a copy of your records sent to another practice, or just a copy of your prescription (if it is less than two years old) just ask Dr. Lew.
If you need to re-order contact lenses and your prescription is current, Dr. Lew can take care of that for you.

Thank you for trusting me to provide you with my services over the (many) years. It has been a pleasure to know and work with you.

I will miss seeing you.

Best regards, in peace and good health,

Dr. Larry Bickford


About Dr. Felicia Lew:

Felicia Lew, OD resides in Santa Barbara and has been in practice for 16 years.

She received her Bachelor's Degree in behavioral neuroscience from Bryn Mawr College and Doctorate Degree in Optometry from the University
of California at Berkeley.

Dr Lew enjoys seeing patients of all ages including those with special needs and has a specialization in vision development in children and
neuro-behavioral vision.

She has previously worked at Vandenberg Air Force Base, the pediatric ophthalmology department at Sansum Clinic and has worked with inpatients
at Cottage
Rehabilitation Hospital who have suffered a stroke, trauma or other brain injuries.

Her practice also offers in-depth evaluation and vision therapy for eye movement, visual perceptual and eye alignment disorders and vision rehabilitation
for patients
who suffer from dizziness, eye strain, and brain injuries. She takes a holistic approach to vision and understands that
"good vision involves much more than 20/20.

The new office will be at 1921-A State St. Phone number is (805)765-4892. Website: